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A seminar for the parents and coaches of college-bound athletes!


Q: Who is Coach George and why should we listen to him on the subject of recruiting?

A: The Reality in Recruiting Seminar is a 2-hour presentation and open forum discussion with Coach Tom George, owner of QB Impact and former regional DeBartolo Coach. He's worked with athletes not only going through the recruiting process, but College and NFL players as well. His unique journey as a father to a D-I QB being recruited out of Oklahoma inspired his desire to share his years of experience as a coach and first-hand struggles as a parent and the lessons they taught him and his players.

Q: How do Coaches benefit from the presentation? I already warn parents about this stuff!

A: His "get real" approach to parents can be a positive addition to your entire team's morale and focus as stars enter their final years as HS players. The ability to avoid the low morale of a once exceptional athlete whose expectations of offers haven't been realized by Junior year can make a big difference in their ability to lead for you on the field. Another bonus? No more repeating the same information over and over to parents or having your warnings fall on deaf ears. Coach George doesn't claim any knowledge greater than that of your coaching staff, instead he offers the seminar as an extension of your team and a resource that can keep you on the field and focusing on YOUR objectives instead of spending hours dealing with individual situations.

Q:What can I tell my parents to show them the value of attending the seminar?

A: The Recruiting Budget can be the parent's biggest obstacle in the recruiting years. The informed parents and players can save thousands in travel to camps for schools their athlete will never be recruited by and the money pit 3rd party recruiting services can become. Additionally, when it comes down to it, the real goal is getting the player into position for a successful academic career at the school he commits to. Having a battle plan before its too late can make the difference not only in how they view their time remaining as HS student athletes, but also in how they enter their first years as a college athlete.

Q: How will my players benefit from a dose of Recruiting Reality?

A: Many athletes go into theA process with huge expectations and little to no plan beyond that. While holding out for their "Dream" call from OU or OSU, they may miss opportunities to develop relationships with coaches from schools they would be much better suited for both on the field and in classrooms. Feeling as if the offers that end up coming late in the game are somehow a failure to realize their original goal can mean attitude and academic issues if and when they finally accept.

What they don't understand, and what Coach explains in this seminar, is that approaching recruiting from an informed and realistic viewpoint is far from a concession or sign of surrender or defeat. All of this adds up to being the ideal combination for your athlete to excel in the next level of academics AND athletics.

Q: What is the cost of the seminar

A: Coach George charges just $500 and travel costs to give the seminar. His hope is that parents will be able to save thousands from the investment and instead invest their time and resources in ways that benefit not only their player (individual training) but also the team. A team of players who feel in control of their own individual destinies (to the extent that they are able) will put their attention instead on team success. They get noticed individually by the results of the team.